Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Michael A. Uliano 1959-2001

American Flight 11, United Flight 175, the Pentagon, American Flight 77, United Flight 93, and the World Trade Center

I will remember one of the 2996.

Michael Uliano probably would have preferred to be somewhere other than at the 105th Floor of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. An options broker for Cantor Fitzgerald, Michael enjoyed his work but would rather have been an actor. Surpassing his love of the stage was his love for fishing. To his fishing lure customers on the net he was known as Artie Fishhills, a play on the word artificial because of his knack for tying fishing flies. So if he could have Mike might have been fishing and clamming off Cape Cod in his old ’73 Jeep with the Shark’s mouth grill instead of one of millions of New Yorkers reporting to duty at thousands of desks across the world’s financial nerve center.

Michael's quilt at the United in Memory Gallery.

Michael acted off Broadway and was working on a screenplay. He so loved acting that he endured the amusement of his fellow Ithaca College football players and took ballet lessons. Many of those expressing fond memories of Michael at remember him on the stage or the football field. As quarterback of Canton high school Mike’s Number 10 was retired. He is survived by his wife Linda Buffa, his mother Gail, and eight brothers and sisters.


Rita Loca said...

I like this tribute very much, Rancher.

Rancher said...

Thank you JM.

Pen of Jen said...

Very my tears back..I try and stay resolved and at the close regained myself...You can destroy our buildings, but you cannot destroy our foundation.


Anonymous said...

Broker actor fisher dancer quarterback. A true American.

Rancher said...

LOL jows, I hadn't put it all together like that but you’re exactly right.

Pen of Jen said...

Swing over to Pen of Jen's to see the winners of the caption contest!!

Susan Skitt said...

It's one thing to think about how many died, it's quite another to put a name and face to those precious people. Thank you.

I have two blogs. One is called, "Anna's Place". I started it for those who have been touched by grief. I have experienced it in my own life. Never an easy walk, but with God, all things are possible.

P.S. Loved your caption at Pen of Jen... funny stuff! It feels good to laugh :)

Anonymous said...

i graduated with mike from canton high school, had a few classes with him, he was a great guy, jeff