Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Gaza pullout.

Honest Reporting has a quiz out on the Gaza pullout.

The Gaza Quiz Do you know the facts behind Israel's pullout from the region?


Kevin said...

Danny, I had some free time during my break between semesters and was checking out your blog. Nice work on the blog. You come off as pro-Iraeli, though, and do not really show both sides of the argument. I would point you to the following web page by Dennis Ross - You have to balance 8,000 settlers against 1.3 million Palestinians in Gaza. I agree the West Bank is still an area that needs much work but I don't see the pullout in Gaza as a bad development. Also, if you are going to point people to the quiz on you should also give them some information on the history of the area. I would point you to the following URL - Moreover, I took the quiz and while I did not get a perfect score I found this question laughable: When was the first Jewish sovereignty in Gaza? I would ask this question: When was the first American Indian sovereignty in the United States of America? Lastly, I was watching CNN (that bastion of the liberal media) and heard a story about some nut trying to develop a Christian only city in Florida. Do we really want Christian settlements in the United States? I for one would like to live in a place that is culturally diverse and receptive to all beliefs and religions. Keep up the good work on the blog. I like the stuff on Akbar Ganji, but could do without the WWII comparisons with the war on terror (or the global struggle against extremism) and, by association, the war on Iraq. See you at the Blues festival, maybe.

Rancher said...

Yes, I am pro-Israel, the most prosperous, successful and Democratic country in the region. If the Palestinians use Gaza to better their lives and show the world they are worthy of a State then the pullout will be worth it. But if Gaza becomes a massive terrorist base for Hammas then we will all suffer. Want to place a wager on which will happen?

Anonymous said...

Danny, I'm impressed with your set up. I, of course, agree with Kevin that the Palestinians deserve their own land and the pull out from Gaza is a move in the right direction. It took a lot of guts for Sharon to make the move he did when he knew that it would alienate many in his party.
Keep up the blogging and I'll try to read it as much as I can

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY!
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