Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Unfortunately, those of us who thought that the Gaza pullout would result in the formation of “Hamasistan” were right. I did not, however, believe that they would actually become the government and I don’t think they did either. They have overplayed their hand and now must face the consequences. The next rocket attack by Hamas will be an act of war by the legitimate government of the PLA. Another consequence will be the withholding of $400 Million in aid from the US. Condi has said so.
The bedrock principle here is we can’t have funding for an organization that holds those views just because it is in government…It is important that Hamas will now have to confront the implications of its covenant if it wishes to govern. And so that becomes a primary consideration in everything that we do.
They are not going to change their charter that calls for the destruction of Israel. Will the EU withhold it’s $600 Million? One indication that they might not is the recent call by some to take Hamas off the EU's terror list
Conservative MEP Edward McMillan-Scott said: "The European Union is right to demand the renunciation by Hamas of violence, and to demand that Hamas recognise Israel. But Europe also has to note that Hamas has stuck to a ceasefire since February 2005 and that it is now an elected political, Islamist force in the Middle East, even if it is one which comes from a terrorist background. Hamas is a terrorist organisation, but now it should come off the blacklist - especially considering that it is on the list and Hezbollah is not."
Hezbollah isn’t on the list? That is what should change. Getting elected doesn’t change whether or not you’re a terrorist, your actions determine that. Leave to the EU to get it wrong.

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