Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Iran War

Damn, Iran is at war with Bahrain too?

It has been reported that the Iranian government has formed and financed more than 24 Shia organizations in Bahrain. Each organization has been allocated one particular task but the overall objective of all of them is to overthrow the traditional government of Bahrain and install an Iranian style Islamic Republic. In the recent elections in Bahrain, the Shia coalition secured 23 seats of the parliament. Although they officially accepted the results of elections, they have now started a campaign for destabilising the system which is one of the most competent systems in the Arab world.
The Shia community always had a major share in political and economic power in Bahrain although the ruling family is Sunni. After the elections a Shia was appointed as the deputy Prime Minister and another one as the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs. There are other Shia politicians in the government too. In spite of being part of the government, the Shia groups of Bahrain are following the same strategies that Hamas is implementing in Palestine and Hezbollah is carrying out in Lebanon.
The process of the destabilisation of Bahrain has begun. Al-Wefaq Islamic Society led by Chairman Ali Salman is playing the same role that the Hezbollah of Lebanon is playing.
Update: The Sudanese Thinker has Iran meddling in Sudan also.

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