Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Slow and Lackadaisical

In just the fourth time in 30 years Congress will vote on whether to hold an executive branch member in contempt of Congress.  Attorney General Eric Holder has refused to turn over tens of thousands of pages of documents on operation Fast and Furious including materials created after the Justice Department wrote a letter to Congress saying no gunwalking had occurred.  Holder also claimed during congressional testimony that internal Justice Department emails that used the phrase “Fast and Furious” do not refer to operation Fast and Furious.  So you can understand why Republicans are dubious that Holder will get to the bottom of the White House national security leaks, or if he does they doubt he will share that knowledge with Congress.  It's been over a year and a half since Border Agent Brian Terry was gunned down by drug cartel members whose AK-47s were supplied by the Justice Department and the family still doesn't have any answers as to how and why this could happen.  The hundreds of Mexican citizens also killed with thousands of Justice Department supplied weapons have no answers.  No one has been fired, no one has been held accountable.

We really don't need to dig very deep to find out who leaked the information about the kill list and Stuxnet.  Obama finds it "very offensive" that anyone would suggest that the leaks come from his White House but the New York Times who wrote those stories actually say it was the White House that supplied the leaks.  From the kill list article:
In interviews with The New York Times, three dozen of his current and former advisers described Mr. Obama’s evolution since taking on the role, without precedent in presidential history, of personally overseeing the shadow war with Al Qaeda.

The article quotes former White House chief-of-staff Bill Daley confirming the kill list and describing how names are added to it.  National security adviser Thomas Donilon and former national intelligence director Dennis Blair are quoted.  From the Stuxnet article describing a conversation in the White House Situation Room the Times quotes Obama:
'Should we shut this thing down?’ Mr. Obama asked, according to members of the president's national security team who were in the room.
Obama is waging a war on whistle blowers while leaking national security secrets.  At the very same time he's telling federal courts that these programs are so secret that they can't even be confirmed much less disclosed or judicially reviewed.  Condemning water boarding while maintaining a kill list. Scuttlebutt says Leon Panetta actually told the White House to "Shut the fuck up" after disclosures about the raid that killed Osama.  The idea that Stonewall Holder will out the leakers much less prosecute them is as ludicrous as thinking Obama would put the nation's interests and peoples lives ahead of a few minutes of favorable press.

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