Monday, June 27, 2005

Media Bias

This should surprise no one but the same MSM that totally ignored Dick Durbin’s remarks that were delivered on the Senate floor jumped all over Karl Rove’s remarks. From the Washington Times

Major news outlets that largely ignored the controversial comments of the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate last week immediately reported on a fiery speech by White House adviser Karl Rove, giving the story front-page prominence and the lead of newscasts.

Early yesterday morning, NBC's "Today" show, the CBS "Morning Show," and ABC's "Good Morning America" all featured the Democratic outrage over Mr. Rove's comments that after September 11 liberals "wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers" while conservatives "prepared for war."

Each network's nightly newscasts on Thursday also ran stories on Mr. Rove's speech, delivered Wednesday night.

Yet CBS did not broadcast a single story on the Illinois Democrat's comments. "Today" and "Good Morning America" and those networks' nightly news programs didn't air anything about it until the senator apologized after a week of complaints by Republicans, the Anti-Defamation League and veterans groups.

It was Bloggers that opened debate on Derbin’s outrageous comparison of Gitmo’s alleged interrogation techniques to WWII German concentration camps, Soviet Gulags and Pol Pot’s killing fields. It was the Blog storm that resulted in his non-apology apology. Karl Rove's statement that generated such outrage among liberals got plenty of coverage but it’s the Blogs that are demonstrating the truth of his remarks. See Hugh Hewitt’s Blog.

Big-name Democrats have foolishly engaged Karl Rove exactly as he no doubt hoped they would. Ankle-Biting Pundits has it figured out, but the Mehlman statement from the RNC underscores how the rush to condemn Rove for speaking the truth about the Michael Moore/George Soros/ left now obliges those very same people attacking Rove to argue that the evidence produced by Mehlman is either inapplicable or misunderstood.

Which of course they can’t. The left wants to treat terrorism as an illegal act to be handled by our Justice Department. That means giving the terrorist all the rights we afford criminals. Conservatives want to treat the war on terror like, well, A WAR!


John said...

Excellent job on this post! I'm back from vacationa and ready to roll. I've got a petition up at my site if you get a chance.

Rancher said...

I've signed it and updated the Supreme Socialist Court post to include it.