Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Gaza pullout, good or bad for Israel?

A vote in the Israeli Knesset today rejected by a large majority three bills to postpone the August 17 date for the evacuation of the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank by up to one year. Many Israelis see the pullout as rewarding terrorist and of such importance that the survival of Israel itself is at stake. The handing over of such a strategic area to Hamas will also have grave consequences to the United States’ War on Terror. As this is written tens of thousands of people are marching to Kfar Maimon to protest the pullout. Twenty thousand IDF and police are there to meet them, with instructions to use their riot batons freely.

My feelings were to pull out, give the Palestinians their state and then hold them accountable for the actions of their citizens. When attacks on Israel continue, and they will, bomb the hell out of them and repeat as necessary. I also believed that bringing Israelis inside the wall was just common sense. After reading articles like Professor Arieh Eldad's I changed my mind. Israel is being pressured to do this by the US and the EU. It is a capitulation of the principle that terrorism not be rewarded. Hamas will gain control of Gaza and it will become a major terrorist base with access to the sea.


alkmyst said...

Thanks Rancher!

I'll just make a quick post on this:

This is the single most undemocratic decision that has been made in the history of the modern state.

sharon has trampled the rule of law by bribing anybody he couldn't fire, and as I post this has essentially ordedred a siege on Jews in Kfar Maimon, preventing them from engaging in a legal march to protest against his policy that will be rewarding terrorism with a state of it's own.

It is a black day for the Jewish people, and we are approaching zero hour.

Anonymous said...

Might also be some of the most Wonderful and Miraculous Days for the Jewish People, also: -
An end to the illegal rule of self-hating anti-Jewish and post-Zionist self serving secular Leftists, in government, judiciary and media within Israel, and the Dawn of a new age of DIRECT REPRESENTATION in the Israeli Knesset, free of the abysmal corruption of Party rule...
There's Hope in all this, a Great Hope ultimately in G-d's Hand but effected by the valiant activists on the Road to Kissufim and in world-wide protests.
MSM is repressing the facts: - Get them out as you all can...It's still OUR internet.