Thursday, July 21, 2005

La Migra No, Hillary Si!

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y wants the Hispanic vote. While I’m Hispanic I’m one of those “not Hispanic enough Hispanics” wherein if your politics are conservative you’re a “token” or an “Oreo”. For instance I’m against illegal immigration. FYI anyone against illegal immigration is a bigot and a racist. Hillary certainly isn’t against illegal immigration, she wants to reward it. In a speech to La Raza she pledged her support of the DREAM Act, which would allow illegal immigrant children who finish high school in the United States to avoid deportation, earn a path to citizenship, and possibly receive in-state college tuition rates. If we need all of these people in our labor market, and I believe we do, then put in mechanisms to allow them to immigrate legally. As legal immigrants many of the problems they have to contend with are gone. They will have to be paid a decent wage. They wont be afraid to seek protection from law enforcement. They wont have to risk their lives crossing southern deserts. As a bonus we may begin to have control of our borders in a time of war with an enemy that wants to infiltrate itself in our country and commit the most horrendous attacks against innocent men, women and children.

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W.NM. said...

Good Post Rancher,

Linda Chavez addresses this as well in her 5/4/05 column "after the minutemen". I wonder if politicos will ever consider it? BTW, what part of NM are you in?