Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Upside-down flag, US in distress.

This is supposed to make me understand that rampant illegal immigration is not a problem and that our porous borders should stay that way? Hundreds of thousands of protestors have hit the streets recently to protest the Government’s “racist” attempts to uphold the laws of our nation, that being the United States, not Mexico, BTW. Apparently many are more supportive of Mexico than of the United States. For my part I plan to patrol the New Mexico border in April as part of the Minute Man Project.

You really can’t get less than around 5% unemployment. People will voluntarily leave the job market for a variety of reasons such as to go back to school or spend more time with the family. Since we are at or very near full employment I support legal immigration to fill jobs that obviously need filling. Key word here is legal. I want to know who is coming in and that they will be an asset and not a burden. Those who wish to exploit illegal immigrants, be they businesses or political entities like MEChA that wish to swell their numbers and therefore their power make me sick. As legal immigrants many Mexican workers would have a far better life than they do when marginalized by their illegal status. They would be better compensated for their labor. They would be protected the same as any American worker by the many labor friendly policies the Government has such as OSHA standards and such. They would not have to fear seeking police or other law enforcement protection. Yet the very people who claim to be advocates for Mexican workers are the ones that want to keep them illegal. Who are the real racists here?

That is not the reason I became a Minuteman however. I want secure borders because in today’s terrorist environment to not have secure borders is stupid and suicidal. Yet those people who are champions of the downtrodden Mexican laborer seem to have no problem with letting terrorist stroll across the border and maybe bomb L.A. Again, if it will increase their political power they don’t seem too concerned. Let me end with a warning to pandering politicians, many Hispanics besides me don’t favor open borders because many Hispanics are loyal Americans and realize the dangers open borders pose to our country.


Jason_Pappas said...

I'd be interesting in hearing your experience with the Minuteman. From here in New York they sound like they are properly organized and disciplined. Of course, first hand experience from someone one the scene would be helpful. And given your experience in law enforcement endeavors your opinion would be valuable.

Leah said...

I agree wholeheartedly. See my blog.