Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Michael Moore's Freedom Fighters

Michael Moore’s freedom fighters assassinated a doctor at the opening of his new medical center for the poor. The man had no political leanings; he just wanted to serve his fellow Iraqis. The doctor was the brother in-law of Iraq the Model bloggers Mohammed and Omar. If the terrorist thought that their vile act would silence Mohammed or Omar they were mistaken, the real freedom fighters will blog on.

Not to long ago a high ranking member of one of our prison gangs put out a hit on me. I know the fear that put in me and my family. I sleep with a loaded weapon under my bed, my neighbor’s dog sleeps in my bedroom, and I always sit with my back to a wall. How much worse must it be for Mohammed, Omar and their family to know these murderous head chopping animals are out to get them? The incredible courage they show in not being silenced is repeated everyday in Iraq by policemen, Army and National Guardsmen. Indeed any Iraqi that is trying to make Iraq a better place is a target of these pigs, the two teachers beheaded in front of their students for example. Yet the fringed left defends the monsters and hopes they win! Michael Moore calls them minutemen; Ramsey Clark would no doubt defend them pro bono. Cindy Sheehan will call it self defense. The DUmmies would say “What would you do if your country was invaded and occupied?” I wouldn’t be doing what they are doing, assassinating doctors, beheading teachers, and blowing up kids. I do fear what I would do if I ever run into Michael Moore.

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Harry said...

It's all Islamic self-defense. It seems Islam has been defending itself against Israel and the United States since the seventh century.