Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Help a Hero

Millblogger SPC Reid Stanley who blogs at A Storm in Afghanistan needs our help. His wife Ellicia was diagnosed with cancer and will soon be entering a hospice and such care is not covered under the military’s health plan. LTC Buzz Patterson is offering to help by auctioning off a three book set on E-Bay. You can bid on them here. You can also donate directly here.

Most of what I know about how things are going in the War on Islamofascism comes from the boots on the ground rather than the enemy enabling leftist MSM. While I’ve woefully neglected to update my links to the millbloggers I will certainly take the time to link to his site, as well as LTC Patterson’s. Not only is he doing a great service to us by his military service but his input into the tons of firsthand accounts of the war will allow historians to accurately gage what we accomplish and fail to accomplish in our efforts to rid the world of the Islamic extremists who are trying to kill us. Lets help him out.

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