Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Our Friends the Egyptians

How is Syria an enemy but Egypt an ally? Admittedly Syria allows Iran to funnel arms and other assistance to Hezbollah so they can attack Israel from Lebanon. That is an act of war but keep in mind Syria is still technically at war with Israel. Egypt on the other hand has signed a peace treaty with Israel and is supposed to be our ally in the War on Terror. Yet Egypt continues to preach violent jihad on Israel and the US with its state run media. Couple this with the fact that Egypt has now given Tehran tacit approval of a plan to train and equip Hamas to act in the same proxy war against Israel from Gaza. Also inferred in this is the facilitation by Egypt to allow terrorist and arms to flow from Iran through Egypt to Gaza. How is this different from Syria? We should really take a close look as to what our 15 billion dollars of annual aid to Egypt is netting us. The rational of course is that Mubarak is bad but the Muslim Brotherhood would be worse. My question is how could it be worse?

Update: To those who say the Muslim Brotherhood would turn Egypt into a Sharia run theocracy I would counter that it already is. This man has been in an Egyptian jail for 18 months for "Insulting Islam", he converted to Christianity.


Anonymous said...

Im Ahmed from Egypt
1st of all Syria is an Arabian country and Egypt is Arabian too So what you think will happened when the US attack the Syrian people maybe the official position will not take the right effect but the real people the people who called Egyptians and Arabians at 1st will go there and kick the Americans out of there,believe me you are not know what happening to the Us Army in Iraq and Afghanistan so you will say that im tourist to say that but remember who is the tourists who killed the japans in Hiroshima & Nagasaki after the war is end,where is the nuclear weapons in Iraq did the us catch Osamma ben laden ! did they do anything after all those army goes there and kill people on everywhere on this planet !!
The answer is NO
you know why coz the Americans don win a war in the real world they do it good just in movies.

What you know about the 15 billion dollars..its something like bribery to protect the US interests here so don talk about something you don know !

Have a Nice Day

Rancher said...

I probably have a better idea of what is going on in Iraq than most, seeing as to how I listen to the milbloggers and other sources than the MSM. I’m not advocating attacking Syria or Egypt, just withholding a few billion dollars of aid to Egypt until they become a less hostile ally. Also the word is “terrorist” not “tourist”. I think we did the right thing in nuking Japan, my Dad was about to be sent to the Asian Theater and may have been killed which would have ruined my birthday!

FLORA said...

hey rancher thanks for visiting my blog. hope that post didnt scare ya. MAybe read the ones that have more to do with the horses. My 15 year marriage has been in troble and this really isnt pretty. Then again, I am a person who chooses to find beauty in the broken, and the profoundly strange.

Also, I am obsessed with politics because I think it may mean the difference between death and life for us.


Rancher said...

"hope that post didnt scare ya", LOL. Well maybe a little. I think we should be alright, the people who live in high target areas will chance the life and death gamble should we not become more cognizant of the threats we are now facing.