Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Iranian War

When will most Americans realize we are at war with Iran? At NRO today Barbara Lerner editorialized that Where Rumsfeld Really Failed was in not convincing GWB that Iran and it's Syrian stooge are the problem and should be attacked. Iran is killing our troops today, right now, in Iraq, by equipping and training terrorist and fomenting civil war. That to me is a bigger issue than their damn nukes! October 20th was Qods (Jerusalem) Day and Iranian newspapers published articles calling for Muslims to
prepare for the great war, so as to completely wipe out the Zionist regime (Israel), and remove this cancerous growth.
Last I checked, and this may change with the Dems in power, but for now is not Israel an ally? If an ally is attacked, as Israel is daily by Iranian proxy forces Hezbollah and Hamas, should we not respond? But if the storming of our Embassy, taking Americans hostage, killing our troops, aiding terrorists, and violating the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty which it signed isn’t enough to wage war I guess destroying a bunch of Jews won’t be either.

BTW did you hear about the mass kidnapping in Baghdad? Guess who? Mohammed at Iraq the Model will tell you who and why.
The mass abduction that shocked Baghdad yesterday was intended to be a clear message from Tehran-through its surrogates in Baghdad-to anyone who thinks productive dialogue with the Islamic republic over Iraq and Middle East peace is a possible option.

The operation was a show of victory and it was so smooth and perfect that neither the MNF nor the Iraqi military could do a thing to stop it.
And today the show continues with the assassination of the colonel who's in charge of internal investigation in the department of national police, also known as the police commandos, one day after an investigation was ordered.

Perhaps choosing a ministry like the higher education (which belongs to the Sunni Accord Front) is also a warning message to Sunni politicians who are preparing to send a delegation to Washington especially that the Accord bloc announced recently that they were looking forward to "clear the misunderstanding and mistrust" between them and the US administration to search for solutions for the situation in Iraq.

Did Iran misunderstand the American democracy?
Absolutely yes and Tehran is planning and working according to this faulty impression.

Iran now considers itself the victor and it will not negotiate for peace but instead will try to impose conditions to accept America's surrender.
Isn't Iraq an ally? At least until the Dems abandon them?

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