Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Our Friends the Egyptians

In Egypt they tried to have a demonstration against the Eid outrage that occurred not long ago. Sand Monkey sums up the result.
The egyptian police stopped a sexual harrassment demonstration- one that was protesting an incident that happend in front of that same police, who didn't lift a finger to stop it -, chased down demonstrators and journalists, arrested two of them and beat up the female one, and then blocked an internet blog. All on the same day! It seems that they are more interested in stopping people from protesting their inability to do their job, rather than actually doing it. Fan-freakin-tastic, no?
Rabaa Fahmy says what many in the ME think.
“The United States is responsible for all of this!” exclaimed Rabaa Fahmy, a staff lawyer for the Nadim Center who was also inside the Excelsior cafĂ©.
“They cause these problems because they support our government. All of their propaganda about democracy is false because they make alliances with dictatorial regimes like ours.”
She has a point; allies like Saudi Arabia and Egypt may do more harm than good. Maybe we should have a chat with our friend Mubarak.

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