Sunday, April 01, 2007

Publius Pundit reports on another foundation of Democracy and civil rights being torn asunder by Hugo.
RCTV is under fire. The big television station, which has been broadcasting under license in Venezuela for 54 years, sort of the equivalent of FoxNews or CBS, officially loses its right to broadcast at the end of today. But that wasn't all that happened.

Like furies, red tshirted Chavista mobs gathered and bayed liked wolves in the days leading up to this end of an era, graffiting and spray-painting the TV station with words like 'expropriacion' along with filthy slogans that if you know Spanish, you can see the equivalent of 'f word' among, racism charges, campesino movement slogans, anti-Vatican slogans (the Vatican actually defended this TV station, which is run by a devout Catholic) and 'RCTV out' slogans. They also left plenty of garbage and mess, including what looks like a dead dog - a mob symbol if there ever was one, behind.

This is how Venezuela is being ruled right now - not just by arbitrary "legal" rulings based on what Chavez likes, but by the added calling card of the Chavista mob, spray painting its vile messages in its 'revolutionary' fervor to get the point across that this isn't about law or the public interest anymore, this is about bloodthirsty mob rule.
Junglemom reports on anti-Semitism and Hezbollah in Venezuella.
But here, we hear of the opening of a Hamas diplomatic office in Caracas. Hezbullah in Venezuela is already responsible for the pipe bombings at the US embassy last year. They are making headway among the tribes. The Tribal area is wide open to them since the removal of all American evangelical missionaries a year and a half ago.
Junglemom was one of those removed.
14 August 2006
Hizballah in Latin America: in Venezuela and online The website of the Hizballah group that has been invited into Venezuela by Hugo Chávez to "educate" the Wayuu tribe of the Goajiros ethnic group inhabiting the eastern part of the country:
Here is a rundown on everthing Chavez has been up to. And the left loves the guy.


C. Jane said...

First let me say....APRIL FOOLS! You bit on that Koshering thing inside of three minutes of the post. THA HAS GOT to be a record!!!

But to your GREAT POST HERE:
The invitation of Hezzbollah into this country is like a cancer that will bring the hate of a far away land close enough to touch. If American is going to stand alone against the terror from the East, we will have to take up arms to our South if Bush will not do the right thing and seal our borders.

I need to blog this soon, but admit I do not know enough SPECIFICALLY about this topic. One of my Cotillionite sisters is FAUSTA, of FAUSTA'S BLOG and she covers this stuff brilliantly.

You should check her out, she is on my blog roll under "The Cotillion".

Jungle Mom said...

I love Faustas Blog! Thanks for this post. Interestingly enough, the government just did a big graffiti campaign to paint slogans in support of the closing of RCTV. One happens to be the first thing I see when i look outside. I woke up a few days ago and found it painted over!! And I promise! I did not do It!!!
We had a huge prison riot a few nights back in the prison holding one of the opposition governors being held without trial for a year now. He has escaped. I did not do that either! But he was one of the observers for the 2003 recall election and refused to sign off Jimmy Carters certificates saying all was fair and square. Another one is dead. We all hope he did escape and does not show up in a ditch somewhere.

Pam said...

It just continues to make me feel sickened! Its like a pack of wild animals running loose!

Rancher said...

JM, are you deliberately feeding me windmills to attack. I’ll blog on that. Sometime, no dead line.

Jungle Mom said...

Rancher; No I don't expect you to handle all this yourself! Just thought you might be interested! LOL sorry Don Quijote!

Jungle Mom said...

It's me again, but I posted something of interest to you on my last post.