Thursday, March 29, 2007

Iran War

Leading Seaman Faye Turney sent a letter to the House of Commons dictated by her Iranian captors where she asks for the removal of British troops from Iraq. The left’s agenda continues to be Iran’s and Al Qaeda’s agenda. Will Britain be Britain or Spain? Fred Thompson doesn’t think there is much the British can do, at least on the high sea, they’ve mothballed most of their fleet.


Harry said...

Don't worry, the Brits will prevail through their superior diplomatic tactics. The Iranians will succumb just as they did to Jimmy Carter.

Jungle Mom said...

Here is a site I found in english which might have alot more info about Venezuela that you all don't get up there.
I can say that I know most of it is reliable and there for trust that the rest is as well.

When I read this about the British, I wonder what is it that we in the west don't get? I mean , it looks like they want a fight, why don't we just give them what they want!

Rancher said...

Thanks for that link JM. Harry, what's sad is most Brits have that attitude.