Friday, May 18, 2007

Iranian Israeli War

What you see above is a school classroom. Over 30 Qassam missiles were fired at Sderot, Israel in a 24-hour period by the Democratically elected Hamas government. Problem with Hamas is they are answerable to Iran not Palestine. When Israel unilaterally pulled out of Gaza I and many others made the prediction that Gaza would become a main terrorist cesspool instead of a functional Palestinian State. We were right.

The Palestinians have their state and terrorist government. They are now accountable for acts of war directed at other states. Hold them accountable when they attack Israel, bomb the hell out of them and repeat as necessary. In a war there is no such thing as a measured response. The anti-semetic international community will condemn Israel regardless so I say unleash the dogs of war and be as ruthless as your enemy or be destroyed.


John D Infidel said...

I totally agree with you. The Palestinians voted the terrorists (Hamas) into power, so all Palestinians have blood on their hands. Palestine in truly a terrorist state (not just terrorist supporting).

Harry said...

The problem, as you state it, is the Palestinians have never ever been held accountable. Unfortunately, blaming Israel has worked for all of these years and it will continue to work.

Sherry said...

The problem is they blame everything on Israel. If they lose a soccer match, they blame Israel! They fight each other (Hamas & Fatah) and they blame Israel! They should always be held accountable for their actions! From now on, I say "Israel, bombs away!"