Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A hotel named Gaia Napa Valley Hotel and Spa has replaced the bible with Gore’s BS book An Inconvenient Truth. Pen of Jen has a few words to say about this.
Does anyone see the tragedy that we are not averting? We are permitting this charlatan, to set the tone for our country. His film is being shown in schools, convincing children to change or risk disaster. We are scaring the children, and forcing the parents to comply with these ridiculous requirements.Now that is bad enough, but now we are equating Al Gore's word with Gods.
Indeed. Man-made global warming is a religion because you have to take it on faith. We don’t even know how much rain falls on the planet each day yet any computer model that predicts planetary warming has to take into consideration the balancing effect of water, not just rain but the seas and oceans. None of the models used to predict CO2 levels effect on global warming does this. Oh, and carbon offsets are a scam.


jennifer said...

I was stopping by to see what was going on in your corner of the internet and found this post! Thanks for helping get the information out there. You are exactly right it is a religion.
Take care, Jennifer

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