Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Catching Up

Been busy, son’s visiting and helping for a month so I’m getting as much done as I can before he goes back to school. Also I am taking a couple of summer school classes myself so my blogging has dropped off substantially. So what’s been happening?

Food Shortages in Venezuela reports Junglemom. No surprise there.

I, Infidel reports on how the surge continues to be successful mostly due to more Iraqi tribes flipping against Al Qaeda.
Yes things are looking up in Iraq! Folks, the only reason deaths and causalities are up is because we are on the offensive, gaining new allies from once bitter enemies, and killing al Qaeda types on ground they only wish they ruled.

Michael Yon was there when "General" Hamid was captured.

Left to Right: Lieutenant Colonel Doug Crissman; General Hamid; Sayed the interpreter.

General David Petraeus has laid down the law, abuse of power will not be tolerated. “General” Hamid, while a hero in his killing of Al Qaeda, was also crooked. The Iraqi Government wanted him out and since the whole affair would be so politically charged asked the US to do it. Seconds after this photo, LTC Doug Crissman grabbed General Hamid’s pistol and arrested him. Michael explains this whole affair that spotlights the fact that even in a war zone we and Iraq are nations of law.

Putin doesn’t like Missile Defense. Neither did Gorbachev, and from the Soviet Union’s perspective he was right, SDI was one of the straws that broke the USSR’s back. Neither does China. Well if Russia and China are against this it is surely needed. I agree with Ronald Reagan who said:
... we will put in this defensive thing [SDI] in case some place in the world a madman some day tries to create these weapons again —— nuclear weapons —— because, remember, we all know how to make them now. So, you can't do away with that information, but we would all be safe knowing that if such a madman project is ever attempted there isn't any of us that couldn't defend ourselves against it.

And he didn't even kmow Ahmadinajad.


Pam said...

Hey Rancher! It was so good to see you back commenting on my sister's blog! Miss you when you're busy. It great some of us have a real life!LOL

Loved scrolling through to catch up here. Your most recent post mentions that things are looking up in Iraq. Wit to God the MSM would give us a whiff of that once in awhile!

And as far as the missile defense systems being rejected by China and Russia -- is as you said, definitly a sure sign we need them! RED FLAGS here people!!!

Have a super rest of the week and enjoy your son!

Sherry said...

Glad you are back to blogging and letting us know what's going on. Russia definitely sends a red flag. Why do they object? Hmmm...wouldn't be because they plan to try to take over Europe would it?

Rancher said...

Exactly Sherry, they object to not being able to hang a possible mushroom cloud over Eastern Europe while at the same time doing everything in their power to allow Iran to possibly hang one over Israel and Western Europe.

Harry said...

I understand why our enemies protest when we (U.S. and Israel) dare defend ourselves, but what I still don't understand, no matter how many explanations I read, is why some Americans and Israelis object.

jennifer said...

Excellent of course. I have found that I enjoy your writings.

I think you will enjoy seeing the winners at penofjen caption contest!

Jungle Mom said...

Yes, true sign that we need it!!!