Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Michael Vick

I wonder how many people who are horrified by Michael Vick’s actions concerning his cruel methods of disposing of unviable fighting dogs have no problem with partial birth abortion. Just say’ in, no defense of the gangbanger quarterback. I would say that his apology was well rehearsed but insincere, at least when he said he rejects dog fighting. I doubt he had an epiphany; I condemn speeding every time I’m caught. He says he has found God. I hope so; it’s his only hope. As a correctional officer I have seen many cons find religion as a con. We know who is sincere because we are so into everything each inmate does. The two things that can actually keep an inmate from recidivism are devout religious belief and fear of going back to prison. The latter is not that effective, as a guard I can say I would rather live in an American prison than in many third world countries. Safe running water, free health care, work, three squares a day, satellite TV, wonderful gym facilities, especially weight lifting equipment and access to muscle building supplements and vitamins. (I will never understand why we beef up our criminals!). The only serious drawback to prison is the lack of women and that apparently doesn’t bother 80% of inmates (the recidivism rate)enough to stop offending. So if Michael is really trying to find spirituality I support him fully, but he will have to walk the walk, clean up his act, and abandon his ghetto homies, something the fans in Atlanta have been waiting for since he was drafted BTW.


Harry said...

I teach in an "urban" school district. Some of my former students have been in and out of jail. One died while trying to steal a car. He wrapped it around a tree on his getaway. One also turned himself around (last I heard) after being in jail. The fact that he did go to prison devastated his mother. Sometimes you can spot the ones that will end up behind bars. Some are a nasty surprise.

My point? I'm not really sure, except it sickens me every time I hear of a former student ending up in the Big House, whether or not I thought they would.

jennifer said...

Rancher Being a cop's wife(retired) I am with you. It seems the ones that found a religion curbed the recidivism, more than any other rehab program.

I am disgusted by Vick, not because of the dog fighting(like you said abortion and partial are much more vial), but because of the 130 million dollar, ten year contract.

What a waste, we give money beyond the wildest of dreams without the consequences of penalty. And I seriously doubt that Vick's friends did not know of his extra curricular activities. But Vick was a cash cow and therefore above the law(until finally got caught by someone)

Our athletes(Beckem new recruit-new Camelot fantasy) to our pseudo athletes(the wwf wrestler) are not even trying to be an example to the youth. They are all flash because of the cash.

I really think that if the penalties were so strict(banning for life for even associating with drugs, crime etc) maybe things will change...Nope , because there is too much Bling from them.

I now have a new mantra Vick is Sick(as that is the spin by the inner city folk. He is black was poor and did not know that this was bad...he is Sick)

Rancher said...

Jen, the NFL has a no tolerance policy for gambling but Vick wasn’t found guilty of this. Why? Seeing that all of his homies ratted him out the prosecutor must have had a hell of a case. That is if his homies aren't such lowlifes that they have no credibility. That might be the case. Many of these athletes are outstanding citizens, Jordan, Aikman, Elway, Tiger, it's actually a long list but the thugs have crept in, especially in the NBA.

Harry I live in such a small town that you pretty much watch these kids go bad. Sometimes it’s the parents, sometimes it’s a surprise, but it almost always manifest before the teens and experts say once a person is in his or her teens their values, or lack of, are pretty much set. The thing about finding religion is you sometimes have to hit bottom first. The only way such people change is spiritually, having someone with a lot of love step in and change the person (very hard), or the military believe it or not. Vick could redeem himself with me if he joined the Marine Corp.