Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Bob Clark is going to discuss Amnesty this morning. As someone whose main concern is knowing who is here and who is coming in I have no problem with amnesty for illegal aliens after the border is closed. We the people don’t trust congress, I remember promises before, give us a tax hike now and well cut spending later, let’s pass a “comprehensive” (read amnesty) immigration bill and we’ll build the fence later. Sure pal.

At issue is the Dream Act, all illegals who go to college or serve in the military get citizenship. Anyone who serves in this country's military for at least four years should get citizenship be they illegal or not. For that matter any non-violent crime, except treason, be they misdemeanor or felony, should be considered erased by serving time in the Marine Corps. Your pay may have deductions to reimburse victims and your required years in service would be dependent on the severity of your crime but this would be a far more productive use of these individuals that truly wish to pay their debt to society, or at least clean up their act, than what the current system provides. The current system means three squares a day, satellite TV, games, recreation, health care, tutoring from other cons, etc. and then early release.

That's about the limit for me when it comes to amnesty until we at least have some handle on border security. You should not get citizenship because you have come to New Mexico to take advantage of instate tuition for illegals.

Fred says no Amnesty:
Amnesty undermines U.S. law and policy, rewards bad behavior, and is unfair to the millions of immigrants who follow the law and are awaiting legal entry into the United States. In some cases, those law-abiding and aspiring immigrants have been waiting for several years.


Angus said...

You make a mistake if you think that arguing with the Left to make the point that amnesty for illegal immigrants will undermine U.S. law and order, because that IS the goal that amnesty advocates are working towards.

Those on the Left and their useful idiots seek to change the culture and structure of the U.S, so altering and/or destroying U.S. law and order is in their best interests. Encouraging legal immigration wouldn't be as efficient or as expedient in remaking the culture of the U.S. because legal immigrants are trying to join our culture, illegal immigrants are more likely to try to recreate their culture within the U.S.

Legislation like the Amnesty Bill or the Dream Act can only be fought by questioning the motives of its supporters.

Pam said...

Hey Rancher, so good to see you back on and posting, leaving comments and all that good stuff. Loved the cartoon in your last post! Hope all is well with you.

Rancher said...

Angus, its for the children, I'm sure that's their motive. Thanks Pam, been busy.

jennifer said...

You know I am at a loss at the whole situation. Living so close to the border, I know the way that the wind is blowing.

When I registered to vote, no id necessary, so regardless of the action or inaction of Congress, the floodgates are no longer allowing a few, but thousands each and every day.

And from what I read, in Deming islamic papers are being found in the garbage left at the crossing sites.


Rancher said...

Oh yes Jen, many many OTMs (Other Than Mexicans)cross.

Harry said...

Relating to what Angus said, another part of the equation is helping those who were born here admit that there is something special about the United States. That's why so many people immigrate here. The only way we're going to remain the best country in the world is if immigrants become Americans rather than remaining foreigners in this country.


Very interesting post. I will give it more thought. connie from Texas

jennifer said...

Rancher the caption contest is up at penofjen!

Rancher said...

Harry I have little doubt that will happen. Try as they might to hold on to the motherland assimilation comes by the second generation if not the first. The third usually can’t even speak the homeland’s language. I'm on it, thanks Jen.

Angus said...

Harry - you are forgetting the fact that the Left doesn't think there IS anything special about the United States.

The Left is doing all it can to convince the majority of the populace that everything about the United States is undesirable and must be abandoned before being rebuilt in the Left's vision of utopia.

To quote Algore: "Everything that is up should be down, and everything that is down should be up."

If the Left is actively engaged in trying to discourage citizens of the United States from recognizing the uniqueness of our nation, why would immigrants or their children be taught that there is something special about the United States?

seejanemom said...

And BEEEFORE 1492? How far does his revisionist history book go BACK, exactly.

I SO ::HEART:: you , Rancher.

Harry said...

That's why we have to keep battling against the Left. Fight the Power!