Saturday, October 20, 2007

The debate’s over.

Give me a break! Just watched John Stoffel rip AlGore’s religion of Man Made Gaia Warming of Latter Day Advocates, or more commonly called the Morons. The piece recounted the outright lies of the Award winning and supposedly very long and boring movie An Inconvenient Truth. Haven’t seen it and never will as I consider the entire hoax very damaging and scary. Intimidation by the Morons runs the gamet from discrimination in funding grants all the way to death threats to scientists who dare disagree with Pope AlGore. Now imagine a Moron becoming President and the full force of the government of the United States of America enforcing Moron dogma.

Jen reminds me that we need only look at Albuquerque Mayor Marty Chavez to see what a Moron in power can mean. He required all city employees to view the movie on city time, some requiring double time, some cops pulled off their beat, and a half hour of Marty politicking is thrown in as he gears up for a run at Pete Dominici’s Senate seat.


jennifer said...

Hey...I heard in Albuquerque the county was having employees watch this hoax.

Bill works for Otero County and he says heck no if they try and make him watch it here.

Can you see 15 years -20 years down the road the morons trying to claim that due to the drastic changes all is well!>!!?!?!?!

It has been awhile but I know somewhere Al Goron said that the planet will be in a catastrophic shape in 10 years!!

I hope to have done my part, by continuing to drive the F250, running the air conditioner, and of course my all time favorite(in honor of Sheryl Crow)using maybe 10-40 times the tp usage allowed!!!

Missed ya, hope all is well, and the caption contest is every Tuesday, but I will come over and let you know.

jennifer said...

Rancher when I come over sometimes the post below is the top post...what's up...i did lose a blog so it is probably blogger!

Don't forget the caption contest!

Angus said...

We can only hope that history repeats itself.

After Jimmy Carter and Arafat won the Nobel Peace Prize, the hostilities between the Palestinians and Israelis exploded, and Carter was exposed as an incompetent nitwit when he continued to preach about his Middle East peace success.

After Hitler won, his actions exposed the true insanity he possessed.

Hopefully, winning the Nobel Peace Prize will make Algore's arrogant stupidity impossible for him to contain, and his insanity will be even more apparent to greater numbers of the populace.

Of course, since we are dealing with a cult, they might force everybody to drink the kool-aid when they think that the truth about their lunatic leader and his teachings is in danger of being exposed and discredited.

Jungle Mom said...

great cartoon!! Love it!