Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Fire in the Belly

I’m back, hope everyone had a happy holidays. I had to move domiciles and just got back the net. No wi-fi in my small town.

The knock on Thompson continues to be the idea that he doesn’t want it enough. While Democrats hit each other on whether their opposition has wanted it since kindergarten or marriage the one man who admits he is only in the race because he fears for the future of his country gets hammered cause he has no fire in the belly. Understand the man is an actor and could easily get a focus group together to ascertain the public persona he should adopt and take on that character. You can have the real man or a chameleon; I prefer the real man and the only true conservative in the race. Maybe he should cry.

“Are you crying? Are you crying? ARE YOU CRYING? There's no crying! THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL! ”
Tom Hanks: A League of There Own
Maybe not in baseball but then baseball is pretty serious business in the big leagues. Presidential politics however… did Margaret Thatcher ever cry? How will this go over in macho Latin America or anti-women Muslim countries? It seems it went over well with women in New Hampshire, Dummies are claiming voter fraud however.



I am glad to see you back. I hope you and your have a very happy new years.

I sure hope Fred comes through, it is hard to see me be able to vote for someone else as of yet. Welcome back. connie from Texas

Jungle Mom said...

Yes! you are back. I wish we had a Margarrt Thatcher!

Harry said...

Welcome back, Rancher. I still think Rudy understands the war against Jihad better than any of the other candidates. It's still early but it appears he's being buried.

Rancher said...

I could vote for Rudy or Mit, no problem, but Huckabee would be tough and McCain impossible.