Friday, February 22, 2008


Hope. Hell of a thing to base a national election on. Pull out of Iraq and hope the situation doesn’t massively deteriorate. Bomb our allies and hope they remain allies. Talk to Iran in the hope that Ahmadinejad can be reasoned with. Remove the assurances to companies that they will be protected from trial lawyers and hope they continue to cooperate on the war on terror. When did we become so hopeless that we need to depend on hope?

Change, now that we could use. Change our reckless spending. Change the weak policy on the Iran war. Change our support for PA terrorists. Change our porous borders. However don’t change an Iraq policy that is working so well that even Democrats can’t deny the success.

Many of us have said we would not vote for McCain because he would be a lib light ready to work together with a Democrat congress to further a leftist agenda. I don’t want my party associated with the following mess. However I can’t in good conscious leave the security of my country to hope.

Obama couldn’t close the deal and the Clinton machine will take the Democrat primary right to the convention and maybe beyond to the courts until she gets the nomination. She will not abandon Iraq despite what she says. He is sincere in his support of quick flight from our responsibility in the region. So with lives on the line I will hope Hillary becomes the nominee and then face the McCain dilemma anew. Should Obama face McCain I will have to vote for McCain. Someday we will have a true conservative back in the White House but the next four to eight years are going to be tuff.


The Sanity Inspector said...

There are no conservatives in the race this time around. Too bad, but the electorate just has to play the cards we're dealt.

Jungle Mom said...

Glad to see you back online. I have to vote McCain. I do not agree with him on many issues,but he is better than the alternative, in my opinion.

angus said...

I am convinced that this whole maddening primary mess will eventually lead to a Clinton (take your pick) in the White House. From the beginning, Hillary has had a plan to win the electoral vote majority and is unconcerned with winning the majority of the popular vote.

She has won primaries in many of the states like Ohio that she needs to win the electoral majority. She will use the fact that she can win in states like Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania (and ensure an electoral victory) to convince superdelegates to support her in the convection. The fact that Obama has won in the primaries in the South is inconsequential to the general election, because the GOP will probably win there anyway.

I predict that Hillary will get the Democrat nomination on the basis of her plan to occupy the White House by winning the Electoral majority without winning the popular vote, therefore giving GWB and the Supreme Court a collective one finger salute.

DagneyT said...

Rancher, "hope" and "change" are a part of the Obama strategy. He admits to being a "blank canvas", i.e., one for whom all who hear his non-message can paint their own imaginary picture.

I pray that Shrillary will pull her usual shenanigans, and steal the top spot from Obama so the black vote will go to McCain. I too, under duress, will vote for him...and pray a real conservative will be forthcoming in the near future!

Between the death of his wife, and the current field of candidates on our side, who can blame William F. Buckley for taking this time to travel to be with the Lord?

Harry said...

With the choices we have in November, and the Democrats doing their best to give up Western civilization, I've again become concerned for the world we are leaving for our children.