Saturday, October 17, 2009

Weekend at Khamenei's

The “free” Iranian press did its best to put fears to rest today that Supreme Leader and election fraud supporter Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei is in a coma or dead. He was shown meeting with President Ahmadinejad and the President of Senegal, Abdoulaye Wade. Unfortunately for those of us familiar with faux photography this is not enough and so conspiracies abound whether this is real or photoshop. First we have the photograph from the Supreme Leader’s official website.

President Wade is in the same garb that he is in when he met with Ahmadenijad in this set of pictures from the Fars News Agency.

So far so good. Enter the Fars News Agency’s story on the meeting and the picture they use.

Turns out someone screwed up because this is a picture from a meeting that occurred in 2006. So is this.

So the question for the experts out there, is the first picture legit?

In the new picture the color of the wall is lighter, Khamenei’s suit color is darker and Ahmadenijad’s is lighter. Same couch three years later and the thing on the table, a Koran?, is the same. Just to add one other point, The Islamic Republic News Agency’s story has a blank space where the photo should be. Tons of pictures from the 2006 meeting, one lousy picture for the 2009 meeting that proves he’s alive? We may be reading a lot more into this than is actually there, but there you are. They are really just going to have to trot this guy out for all to see to kill this rumor.

Hat tip to Michael Ledeen and Enduring America for the story and pics.

Update I:

A few other photos of the new meeting are up a SL's web site, I don't thing they are photoshopped. Too bad.

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Harry said...

It's truly incredible the way jihadists throughout the world use infidel created tools like photoshop to carry on their evil battle. The big question is: will the MSM report on this? I'm guessing I won't be reading it in my morning paper.