Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Stand by Your Man

Hilary Clinton’s campaign has given notice that hubby Bill’s behavior while President and Governor of Arkansas is off limits. While she feels free to highlight her and Bill’s record as Co-Presidents she will have none of the uglier aspects of that era mentioned. I understand that Bill is not running but many of his scandals reflect on her and her ability to win the general election, foremost being her meek role as First Victim. Yet the Clinton Political Machine will have none of it brought out in the open even though it is the talk of all the lefty social gatherings. As one Democratic strategist put it in a recent Newsweek article: "It's the 'Godfather' theory of politics. If people stray, you send them a message. That's how you keep them in line."

What amazes me is that they are even looking at Bill’s behavior to attack her when she herself has many of her own scandals. The White House Travel Office firings, Cattlegate, Vince Foster's death, missing billing records, and the most disturbing of all, Filegate.

I think most Republicans hope she gets the nomination. I know I’ll have a blast, so will Peter Paul.


Harry said...

Do you think Bill's future behavior will be off limits? Or will he be kept under lock and key to avoid further embarrassment?

Rancher said...

Lock and key, no doubt about it. I’d be surprised if she doesn't put him in a chastity belt.

Pam said...

I for one, am already so sick of her! I do think she will get her party's nomination.