Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hugo Problemo

“You start parsing which countries’ politics we’re going to feel comfortable with, and only buying oil from them, then there are going to be a lot of people not driving their cars and not staying warm this winter.”
Former U.S. representative Joseph P. Kennedy II

A statement that has no bearing on what Joe Kennedy is actually doing. Hugo Chavez is turning Venezuela into Nuevo Cuba. Human rights are being curtailed, freedoms erased, Democratic institutions and foundations torn asunder and Joe Kennedy is out there singing this man's praises. Chavez is allying himself with every American enemy he can find including Iran, the world’s worst terrorists supporting and totalitarian regime. Because he has been bought off by cheap CITGO gas that his organization gets to parse out Joe Kennedy has become a goodwill spokesman for this enemy of the US with a series of TV ads running nonstop in Massachusetts. One ad goes like this:
Anxious-looking mother and daughter, shivering in a frigid apartment, the thermostat set at 60) “Mommy I’m cold.”

Elderly man with a foreign accent, “I can’t afford to pay for heat.”

(Joe, in a windbreaker, pops up on the screen – classic toothy Kennedy grin): “I’m Joe Kennedy and help is on the way – heating oil at 40 percent off from Citgo and our friends in Venezuela. Dial-1-877-Joe-4-Oil.”
Joe-4-Oil Kennedy draws a $400,000 salary from the Citizens Energy Corporation which gets to choose who gets this Marxist gift. In fact in a Boston Globe interview Joe shows us how much of a fan of socialism he is.
Meanwhile, in Venezuela, the president is socializing his nation’s oil profits. Poverty has dropped by 25 percent. State-sponsored provision of basic needs like food and health care has expanded.
I must admit I’m confused. If Cuban style socialism is a wonderful thing why don’t the Cubans like it? Why aren’t the poor in Miami fleeing to Cuba in any boat, bathtub, or inner tube they can find? Maybe he believes the left's BS about how wonderful Cuba and its Socialized Medicine are. The Real Cuba exposes the truth. Jungle Mom and Yekwana Man have many posts on how wonderful this style of dictatorship is working in Venezuela. If Chavez wants to bribe our poor with cheap gas we would be criminal not to let him do so. For Mr. Kennedy to say we are critical of his purchasing oil from Chavez he must ignore the fact that the US gets 15% of its crude oil from Venezuela. What we object to is his endorsement of Chavez. Old Joe, Joseph P. Kennedy Sr., who was a big fan of Hitler, would be proud.


Jungle Mom said...

This makes my blood BOIL!!!!!

Rancher said...

Joe isn't the first lib to fall in love with this guy.

Pam said...

I read about Joe K.'s stance, and I wonder how many Americans are aware or even care of his stance?