Monday, February 12, 2007

An Obama Nation

Repeat a lie often enough and people will begin to consider it the truth. Democrats have stuck to the Bush lied people died meme like fleas on a dog and are now using it to cast doubt on the administration’s claim that Iran is supplying Shia militias in Iraq. I’m not going to debunk the Bush lied BS, Norman Podhoretz does an excellent job here. That they would use that lie to justify sticking their head in the sand over Iranian involvement in Iraq lends credence to those who believe that they would put partisan politics ahead of National Security. When Australian PM John Howard said the terrorist would be rooting for Democrats like Obama both Democrats and Republicans told him to but out of American politics. However if we are going to abandon our allies I think they have a right to an opinion. Obama said he was flattered one of Bush’s allies “"started attacking me the day after I announced”. I wonder if he is also flattered that Al Qaeda and Sadr are pulling for him.

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seejanemom said...

Give me strength, Rancher.

Getting the bunker ready, in the mean time.