Sunday, April 24, 2005

E-Mail Voinovich


Just what about Mr. Bolton has required that you, in good conscience, must obstruct his nomination? Bad hair cut? Because he is not a State Department bureaucrat? Because of our Iraq policy, in which he had no real impact? Please tell me you aren’t holding up this imminently qualified gentleman’s nomination because he is occasionally tough and aggressive. Look at today’s UN, that is exactly what is needed.


Mike's America said...

As Political Officer for a trip by President Reagan to Ohio, I invited George Voinovich, then Mayor of Cleveland, to make a presentation to the President (a small toy tractor, not sure why).

Anyway, if I had a clue he would play into the Dems game of unprincipled opposition, I would have invited Mickey Mouse instead.

Rancher said...

Toy tractor? Maybe you have a tractor factory there? Does Voinovich have any serious Republican contenders that can take his place?