Friday, April 29, 2005

Our friends the Saudis

Saudi Prince Abdullah visited the President recently and afterward a joint statement was released by the White House. In that statement of glowing praise for our ally in the Middle East we have this little tidbit.

Saudi Arabia reiterates its call on all those who teach and propagate the Islamic faith to adhere strictly to the Islamic message of peace, moderation, and tolerance and reject that which deviates from those principles.

I can’t tell. In a secret recording obtained by the Saudi Institute we hear Saleh bin Muhammad Al-Luhaidan saying :

Purely with regard to the men in Iraq -- there are many men there. Entering Iraq has become risky now. It requires avoiding those evil satellites and those drone aircraft, which own every corner of the skies over Iraq, and pay special attention to the borders, cutting the road before all who come and go.

If someone knows that he is capable of entering Iraq in order to join the fight, and if his intention is to raise up the word of God, then he is free to do so.

He who intends to donate money must be sure to verify that the people receiving it are capable of benefiting the cause, and that they are honest in what they say, because they might pocket the money and then go here or there without sound intentions. At this moment in time, we must proceed slowly, acting in accordance with the flow of events. At present the nights are pregnant, and we pray that their labor pains will be a defeat for the enemy.

Al-Luhaidan, made the remarks in October 2004 at a government mosque in Riyadh answering a group of Saudis who wanted to join terrorist organizations in Iraq. (Click Here To Listen to Audio Clip)

Who is Saleh bin Muhammad Al-Luhaidan?

Shaikh Saleh Al-Luhaidan is the President of the Supreme Judicial Council (Chief Justice) with a rank of a minister, and a member of Council of Senior Clerics, the highest religious body in the country and is appointed by the King. Luhaidan whose four-year term for both positions was renewed April 11 by the King, would oversea any trial of alleged Al-Qaeda Saudi terrorists if they occur.

According to Saudi press reports Saleh Al-Luhaidan meets frequently with Crown Prince Abdullah and other senior members of the ruling family. In April Al-Luhaidan met twice with Abdullah


Harry said...

I was on your site the other day, and you had a great photo of a police badge featuring LGF. You also had links to mine and other LGF member blogs. That looked like a good idea to me but I was way to busy to post or comment. It was skim time. What happened to that stuff? Or am I more tired than I thought and merely hallucinating?

Rancher said...


You saw what? Iron Fist Rule Dude. Actually something happened and I lost everything, had to go back to square one. Now I know to save my template. I'll have the Lizard links up by morning.

Harry said...

Iron Fist Rule? It is to larf! My 11 year old daughter won't allow me to drink. She says nothing when my wife downs a bottle of wine, but every once in a while she wants to check a half pint of whiskey I had a shot from two years ago to see if any more is gone. The sad reality is that I'm working too much.
So from one lizardoid to another, how does one go about getting one of those nifty LGF badges?

Rancher said...

First I got Jheka’s permission to use it, that’s where I first saw it. Then go to Blogger Help. Send the image to Blogger Bot and it will post it on your blog. Edit the post and look for the img style= and cut and post the image where you want it.

Mike's America said...

Sort of reminds me of Yasser Arafat, may he rot in hell. He used to make a statement of peace and forgiveness in English and turn right around in Arabic and urge more whackos to strap bombs to themselves and blow up busloads of Israelis.

It's not what they say, but what they do and until the Saudi government has the guts to purge the jihadists from their government and the Royal family (are they really a royal family??) we aren't going to win the war on terror.

Rancher said...


That kind of double talk wont fly any longer due to you and I and the millions of other Blogers. We will have An arsenal of cruelest quotes.