Friday, April 22, 2005

Power of the Blogosphere

September 9, 2004 is the day the blogs made history. By fact checking a major network news story bloggers were able to discredit Dan Rather, CBS, and main stream media. The power of the Blogosphere was revealed. But is that the Blogosphere's greatest power? Or is it the power to assemble like minded individuals in a virtual space that Governments, however oppressive they may be, cannot raid? Syria has blogs. Lebanon has blogs. Iran has blogs. History will tell how effective these blogs are in toppling those regimes but obviously these governments fear the bloggers. What is most interesting is that history is being written before our eyes.

Ashish believes that the big anti-war demonstrations that occurred before GW2 paved the way for Lebanon’s anti-Syria demonstrations later. Third party demonstrations in China or soccer riots in Korea could pave the way for anti-Government demonstrations down the road. The internet could help organize such demonstrations. Blogs can be the nucleus around which revolutionary forces can gather, in an anonymous meeting hall the authorities can’t control. Interesting times.


Jheka said...

In the past several months my humble little blog has had visitors from Lebanon, Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, Malaysia, Thailand, The United Arab Emirates and other predominantly Muslim countries. It's hard to stop the internet from reaching people.

BTW, it would be nice if you allowed non-blogger people to leave comments on your blog (I happen to have an account from my first blog attempt, but others probably don't).

Rancher said...

Yeah I fixed that. I'm such a virgin at this. And your Blog should not be humble, it's awesome.