Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ann being Ann

When I heard what Ann Coulter said at CPAC I thought “Well, that’s just Ann being Ann.” The Democrats have had to deal with this sort of thing twice with Don Imus, once when he blasted Bill (Clinton) at his own dinner and again when he told Bill (Richardson) to “Besa mi culo”. True Imus let loose on his supposed friends whereas Ann was dissing the other side, yet for her to make that remark in the forum she did hurt everyone there, especially Mitt Romney. But just as Imus was being Imus and should have surprised no one, Ann was being Ann and this should not come as any great shock. An apology is in order, not from Ann but from whoever scheduled her to speak.

This is especially true when you consider the stink she raised at the same event last year when she referred to Iranians as “ragheads”, smearing Muslims I assume since Iranians are not Arabs. I find that a lot more offensive and damaging to conservatives. Seejanemom thinks Ann should not be asked back and I whole heartedly agree. She’s funny and I like her but there is a time and place for that sort of humor; as Jane says “JUST NOT ON A SPONSORED STAGE AT CPAC”. If she had said it on Imus in the Morning there would have been no problem.


Pam said...

When it comes to Ann being Ann, I do think she needs to learn to "reign it in a bit". Sometimes she brings her party down to another party's level, and I don't like that. I like Ann though in the right venue!
Oh By the way! I just noticed tonight that you have added my sister and brother-in-law's blogs to your sidebar for info. on Venezuela. Cool Rancher!

Rancher said...

She should but she won't. Your sister is my primary source for whats going on in Venezuela, I don't listen to the MSM anymore my news comes from the new media.

Harry said...

You don't listen to the MSM anymore? Even for news about Nicole and Brittany?

Actually being this close to Dearborn Michigan, I do read our papers' constant whitewashing of our local Islamic community. Sometimes I respond. I imagine they are tired of hearing from me although I do get the occasional letter printed. I'm not celebrating diversity the way I'm supposed to.

Rancher said...

As long as you don't get tired Harry, thank you for educating those who get their news spoon fed to them.