Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Iran War

You might remember a war was started not long ago by Iranian proxies Hamas and Hezbollah with the kidnapping of three IDF troops. Now the Iranians have recently saw fit to kidnap fifteen British sailors. In all three cases the kidnappers invaded foreign territory, in the sailor’s case Iraqi waters. That is an international act of war if anybody cares. But then that’s what the Mullahs do. Michael Ledeen has a quote from Iranian tool Islamic Jihad who have been responsible for many kidnappings over the last few years.
The issue of detainees and prisoners in the world is one of the outcomes of our confrontation with the powers of hegemony, which America leads as the mother of all corruption along with its germ Israel...As such, the issue of detainees is the reaction of Muslim freedom fighters to those practices. It is also an effort to release our mujahideen who are in prison. And this kind of reaction will continue as long as we are facing the same deeds, and because we believe in the necessity of work to release our freedom fighters from the prisons of occupied Palestine and Europe, and to solve the problem of those we hold in our prisons.
The mujahideen they want released this time are the five Iranians arrested in Irbil.

The sailors, taken at gunpoint Friday by Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Al Quds soldiers were captured intentionally and are to be used as bargaining chips to be used for the release of five Iranians who were arrested at the Iranian consul in Irbil, Iraq by US troops, an Iranian official told the daily paper Asharq al-Awsat on Saturday.

In addition, a senior Iranian military official said Saturday that the decision to capture the soldiers was made during a March 18 emergency meeting of the High Council for Security following a report by the Al-Quds contingent commander, Kassem Suleimani, to the Iranian chief of the armed forces, Maj.Gen. Hassan Firouz Abadi. In the report, according to Asharq al-Awsat, Suleimani warned Abadi that Al Quds and Revolutionary Guards' operations had become transparent to US and British intelligence following the arrest of a senior Al Quds officer and four of his deputies in Irbil.
According to the official, Iran was worried that its detained people would leak sensitive intelligence information.

Tehran has reacted to all diplomatic overtures exactly as expected; they see it as a sign of weakness. Britain’s “softly-softly” approach made them a prime choice for extortion, the same type of pressure Al Qaeda used to get Spain to retreat from Iraq. We are at war with Iran, maybe a direct attack on a NATO ally will drive this point home. In any case should we reward the Iranians with any type of exchange we would open the door to more widespread kidnappings of British troops as well as our own troops. The response I would like to see is a blockade of Iranian oil imports and a UN investigation into Iranian arms shipments to Al Qaeda, Sadr Militia, Hamas and Hezbollah. That’s one tooth the basically toothless sanctions have, Iran must halt all arms exports.

Meanwhile Omar reports the surge success continues with the arrest of Ahmed Farhan Hassan, a senior aide to Abu Omar al-Baghdadi the leader of al-Qaeda’s Islamic State in Iraq. Also captured was a huge bomb making factory responsible for close to a thousand Iraqi deaths. The leaders of the shop were also arrested. Expect an intell windfall from Hassan and the bombmakers. Also noted by Omar are more Iraqi political parties coming on board.
Today a spokesman of the Accord Front, to which VP Hashimi and deputy PM Zobaie belong, affirmed the AF’s support for the ongoing operation saying, “Our bloc, seeing the security forces covering Baghdad’s districts and operating without discrimination, is now convinced that the operation is unbiased.”
Al Qaeda, Sadr's militia, and White Flag Democrats are doing their best to insure the operation's failure but are not having much luck.


Jungle Mom said...
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Rancher said...

Hot Air is great. I think Michelle Malkin was saying something about Al Qaeda in South America but you have pictures! I hadn't thought that you could in any way get in trouble by me unilaterally labeling you my "source in Venezuela" but of course with that bunch I should have seen it coming. Won’t happen again but you're still my eyes and ears in Venezuela even though of course you only know what is "common knowledge" to most natives. It still is knowledge that the left doesn't know or care to know and therefore doesn’t make it into the MSM.

Harry said...

Speaking of common knowledge, isn't it common knowledge that the 15 British sailors are in Karl Rove's basement and were only kidnapped on orders from Chimpy McBush Hitler as a pretext to invade the innocent peaceful country of Iran?

Jungle Mom said...

NO problem. I was just explaining why I don't post regularly about politics alone. Some of the controls are just starting to be put in place and they have much bigger fish to fry than I! I just have to balance things out and not be all political. So.. you'll have to weed through all my preaching to get to what interests you. LOL!