Monday, September 17, 2007

Dumb and Dumber

If Michael Vick was stupid what level of dumb is O.J. Simpson? He has a gangster type mentality that when you have something he believes is rightfully his, he and his homies will go get it. Armed. Nevertheless the dumbest gangster knows to keep his mouth shut. Imagine being O.J.’s lawyer. Lawyer: “Was my client properly Mirandized before he admitted being at the alleged crime scene?” Police: “Doesn’t matter, he admitted it on FOX News.” O.J. says, and I think in his mind he really believes this, that he was running a sting operation. That means he feels he is a law unto himself. The poor guys he corralled into helping him realized early on that they really weren’t properly deputized and therefore have decided to sing like canaries. No doubt he was trying to retrieve the memorabilia so he can sell it and give the proceeds to the Golmans.

Everyone deserves a fair trial but I don’t see how O.J. can get one, I’ve yet to meet anyone who thinks he didn’t brutally murder his ex-wife and her boyfriend. But then whose fault is that?

Note to self: Never have cold-blooded murderer as best man, wedding may be wrecked.

And now there is audio.


jennifer said...

Even more funny, OJ's house in Florida is protected from bankruptcy laws and there is actually a bail bondsman in vegas considering bailing him out?!!

Stupid is as Stupid does also comes to mind.

Rancher said...

Some friend will pony up the 10% down but what other collateral could he put forth that the Goldman's won’t snag? Like his #1 book, LOL!

Pam said...

He is one huge mess! My hubby asks, "Why won't they just lock him up and throw away the key?"

PS: So glad you enjoyed the "math" post!

Jungle Mom said...

Stupid and arrogant.