Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Victory Gardens

20,000,000 Greatest Generation Americans answered the call to “Plant more in ‘44”. This freed up tons of food, trucking, and gas to put towards defeating America’s enemies. Today it would accomplish the same thing. Any drop in the demand for oil means a drop in the price of oil, which is bad news to Iran, Venezuela, and other oil rich enemies and sponsors of terror. American farm producers would be little hurt because of access to global markets and the new emphasis on using grains as fuel and fuel supplements. American truckers are shorthanded as is despite the incoming Mexican trucks. Those trucks from Mexico can’t do anything other than deliver their Mexican products to their destination and then head home. Our not so good trade imbalance would improve.

There are benefits to the gardener also. Money saved, a better fresher diet, and a little more exercise add to the quality of life. Knowledge gained and food in the pipeline is a safety net should God forbid the trucks stop coming.


Pam said...

I LOVE this idea and hadn't thought about the Victory Garden's in 1944 in a long time.

We are presently looking at some land to purchase and I already had thought it was time for this city girl to enlist her ol' dad and try a garden once we are settled in (if we truly do purchase the property). Apart from it being a money saver and a safety net,It would be a great boost to my son's homeschool experience as well.

Pam said...

OOps! I forgot to leave you a big CONGRATS for winning Pen of Jen's caption contest this week. It was a great entry!

Rancher said...

Thanks Pam, I'm waiting for the prise. There is a prise?

jennifer said...

Rancher I am now naming my garden Victory Garden...superb!

BTW...I answered you about the prize...I took out the garbage and mailed the check???Hope all is correct!!!

BTW ....the moment I read your comment I knew it would not be topped!! Excellente!

Jungle Mom said...

Wouldn't this be a great thing to see? Wonderful, simple idea that really could make a difference.

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