Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Karl Rove

Karl Rove has some words for Republicans. Some say he knows his stuff so maybe we should listen.
As the latest government-heavy plan announced by Hillary Clinton yesterday once again shows, the answers politicians offer on health care highlight the deep differences between liberals and conservatives. This is a debate Republicans cannot avoid. But it is one we can win--if we offer a bold plan. Conservatives must put forward reforms aimed at putting the patient in charge. Increasing competition will ensure greater access, lower costs and more innovation.

Power to the people? Competition? This man is evil!

Socialized medicine inevitably leads to poor quality, inefficiency, rising taxes and rationing.

What gives him that idea?

Hospital Kitchen, Cuba

Just because you’re on a waiting list for critical surgery doesn’t equate to rationing does it?
Government can help poorer and older Americans get quality health care without sacrificing what everyone wants--the ability to choose their own doctor and health coverage that meets their family's particular needs. What reforms will do that?
• Level the tax playing field. , … every worker should get a deduction for health-insurance premiums.
• Tax-free savings for health costs.
• Portability. People should be able to take their health insurance with them when they change jobs.
• Arming consumers through more competition.
• Pool risk, lower costs..
• Greater transparency.
Stop junk lawsuits. Emphasis mine-Rancher.
• Build on the progress already made by putting patients in charge and letting competition work.

He expands on those points, I encourage you to read the article. I wonder how the rest of the world feels about this issue, this country is a huge safety net for those abroad who want high quality care NOW. If we go socialist where will they go? Cuba?


jennifer said...

We don't even have to use Cuba as an example. A few months or so ago a Canadian, pregnant with quadruplets, had to be flown to Montana because her bed was not available.

You see she wasn't scheduled to come in for 2 more weeks! Go figure babies coming on their own schedule.

I am worried because Hilary wants everyone to have insurance. Wait, ALL Americans, meaning we exclude the very problem that plagues our ER's. The illegals.

So it is easy to combat, but will we have the fortitude?? I DO!
Don't forget about the caption contest...penofjen

Harry said...

According to John Stossel, six out of every seven health care dollars go to third parties already. How much more insanity can we afford?

Rancher said...

I love John Stossel. Well not like that...

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