Sunday, September 09, 2007


Osama, what’s up! Haven’t heard from you in how long? Beard looks nice. So, Al Gore has a new convert, good to see you're taking up so many of the leftist loons causes. Got to say your talk of tax cuts caught many conservative’s attention but sad to say not enough to embrace a Caliphate. Iraq is becoming a little disenfranchised with its Islamic governance if Mohammed at IRTM is any judge, and I think he is. Iranians will commemorate the 19Th anniversary of the massacre of political prisoners; the Mullacracy may have killed 30,000 men women and children in 1988. Tuff sell, I'm afraid I aint buyin'.

Which brings me to ask, why you talking to us and not your minions? They are the ones dying to hear of Al Qaeda’s victories and are a little pissed that you seem to be ignoring them. Your Jihadis want to know what’s up with Anbar, why the surge is so successful. What the hell happened in Somalia? Where are you at and what are you doing to turn things around? When do they get another 9/11? Instead they get some rambling Marxist tripe that many think was written by the American traitor Gadahn! Osama, I know and you know that your presence is symbolic. No one expects you to traipse around in your depends killing infidels like your glory days against the Soviets. But even if your beard has fallen off your future martyrs deserve a better pep talk than the tired Democrat talking points you trotted out once again.


Harry said...

But I thought the Democrats were his minions.

Sherry said...

What!!! No mention of a colostomy bag yet??? Or he could be trying a new way since this is driving Islamists to convert to Atheism!

jennifer said...

I would be ashamed to be a member of the Left. Of course they have NO shame, hence not distancing themselves from this nut.

seejanemom said...


Jungle Mom said...

He is such a coward!!!

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