Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Cuba Libre Socialized Medicine

This poor man was transporting his sick father to a hospital in Havana on a wheelbarrow, because there were no other means of transportation available!


Harry said...

Some American-hating friends of mine vacationed in Cuba a few years ago. They abhor "typical American tourists" and try to avoid places where typical gross American tourists might congregate. They had a good time. Their biggest complaint: the food was terrible. Yes, my friends are nothing like the "typical American tourist. And yes, they take advantage of every opportunity this "hateful, imperialistic" country has to offer.

Rancher said...

I don't think they were able to go to the areas where typical Cubans hang out, tourist there are kept in places where they see only what Castro wants them to see. What's funny is Castro blames the American embargo on every ill in Cuba but the rest of the world is free to trade and visit and that doesn't seem to help any.

Harry said...

It's only logical to blame the US because as we should have learned by now, the US and Israel are responsible for every ill in the world; past, present, and future.

Rancher said...


The world?

The Vulcans blame us for every ill in the Federation. US out of Star Fleet, Star Fleet out of US!

/Geek out.