Saturday, May 21, 2005

La Shawn Barber reminds us that blogger's freedom of speech rights are in jeopardy.
A bipartisan group of bloggers drafted an online petition urging the FEC to grant bloggers a media exemption and “that the FEC promulgate a rule exempting unpaid political activity on the Internet from regulation, thereby guaranteeing every American’s right to speak freely and participate in our democratic process.”

Fundamental to our system of government is the freedom of speech to criticize our government, elected officials, each other, and to support our candidates of choice without being fined and penalized for the privilege. In March I wrote that this threat to our First Amendment rights is something liberal and conservative bloggers and readers can agree on. Let’s stand together.

Sign the petition or shut up. Red State says "the period for the FEC's proposed rulemaking regarding your freedom online ends on June 3rd."


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