Monday, May 16, 2005


What is it that drives the MSM to go above and beyond in their efforts to harm America? Newsweek is owned by the Washington post. Are they trying to relive their glory days by bringing down another President? Are they part of the get Bush at any cost crowd? The cost this time 16 dead and hundreds wounded. America on every Muslims’ hit list. Propaganda served up on a silver platter to our enemies. And the story? Try and flush a copy of Newsweek down the toilet. Ain’t gonna happen. How about a 600 plus page book? In our prison you aren’t allowed to touch an inmate’s Koran or prayer rug. We follow that rule, it’s counter productive to make an inmate angry at you. We get enough of that just doing our jobs. To further anger an inmate just puts yourself and your fellow officers at greater risk. I can’t believe that guards at Gitmo would do this. Interrogators who are trying to obtain information also don’t seem to have much to gain by making America out to be the Great Satan they had been preached about. One would think this type of technique would result in the inmates further digging in their heels, give them more dedication to their cause, give them more resolve. But if it makes the US look bad, go with a story based on one source that is guaranteed to incense the entire Muslim world. Cause it’ll make Bush look bad.

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Their motives are obvious but why is that Sargeant a disgrace to the Corps. He got rotten treatment, the guy that ratted him out had it out for him for a long time

Rancher said...

I think you might have the Sergeant mixed up with the Lieutenant. Sgt. Daniel L. Coburn is the rat whom I refer to, Lt. Pantano is the officer that had him fired for incompetance. He’s either a liar, an idiot, or both. He's certinly disloyal.

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