Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Victory for the Cedar Revolution.

When the Lebanese government formally announced elections will be held on time the tent-city began to dismantle.

The million-person demonstration, the two-month sleep-in at the tent-city, the countdown campaign, the village campaign, the media pressure, the international pressure - it all came together. It's a new era in Lebanon now. The time of post-war occupation and oppression is over. The Cedar Revolution is now over, too.
Why did this happen? Was it the people in the tent city? That didn’t work at Tiananmen Square. Maybe the numbers, the fact that the divide and conquer model looked ineffective, the fact that Syria was in hostile territory? Still not enough to stand up to tanks and an army. Not to mention there were allot of Syrian workers and supporters, the ones at the pro Syrian demonstrations. What was the deciding factor that made Asad decide to cut and run? Maybe the presence of 150,000 United States Armed Forces next door. Maybe.

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