Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Not too long ago President Bush promised that if an oppressed people in the Middle East rose up against their oppressors they would have the support of the United States of America. They soon found out such hollow promises were made by a politician that when faced with geopolitical realities reneged on his word. Starvation, torture and massacre were the result. I’m talking about George H.W. Bush and his promise to the Shiites of southern Iraq.

In his State of the Union address President Bush’s son George Walker Bush made a similar promise to support those who fight for democracy in oppressive regimes everywhere. The difference we were told is this Bush says what he means and means what he says. I can’t tell.

Young Iranians are rising up against the Mullahs all across Iran. At great risk of torture and death they take to the streets to protest any of a number of human rights abuses and to call for real democracy from the tyrants. Do we hear of this from the Main Steam Media? No, but then no surprise there. Do we hear of this from our State Department, from our Congress, or from the President’s bully pulpit. Surprisingly no. It’s not as if Iran is a fragile tyranny that if we withdrew support would result in a hostile Islamo-Fascist theocracy. That’s already happened. No, this is not Saudi Arabia this is the power behind Hammas and a supporter of terrorism in America and Iraq. An enemy that will soon go nuclear. Why is there no support for the forces of Freedom in Iraq?

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Harry said...

I'm hoping that the US is offering covert support to the Iranian reformers. Whether it's in the form of propaganda, weapons, or cash, we have to be doing something. It may be more difficult than in the past as I understand that the previous adminstration evicerated the CIA.