Saturday, May 21, 2005


Janice Rogers Brown, Bush's choice for the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, is a conservative African-American woman, and for some that alone disqualifies her nomination to the D.C. Circuit, widely considered a stepping stone to the United States Supreme Court. I don't know a whole lot about Ms. Brown but it seems she knows socialism.
Once again a majority of this court has proved that 'if enough people get together and act in concert, they can take something and not pay for it.' But theft is theft. Theft is theft even when the government approves of the thievery.
Oh boy is she now in a fight for her Judicial life against the left.

According to the NAACP she's a racist.
Janice Rogers Brown has a record of hostility to fundamental civil and constitutional rights principles, and she is committed to using her power as a judge to twist the law in ways that undermine those principles, said Hilary Shelton, director, NAACP Washington Bureau.

Well in Hi Voltage Wire Works v. San Jose, a 2000 case that involved Proposition 209, California's constitutional amendment banning race and sex favoritism by government, she seems to think that race should not be considered in awarding government contracts. At issue was a city public-works program that required applicants for contracts to engage in special "outreach" efforts to contact disadvantaged subcontractors - not on a colorblind basis, but targeting racial minorities.

She gave Proposition 209 a broad and forceful reading, interpreting it to outlaw not just explicit quotas but also race and gender "goals," because "a participation goal differs from a quota or a set-aside only in degree."

Brown set the measure in historical context, hailing it as a statement of the venerable rule that no one should be treated better or worse than another on account of race.

She quoted the late Yale Law School Professor Alexander Bickel: "[Discrimination on the basis of race is illegal, immoral, unconstitutional, inherently wrong, and destructive of democratic society."

Fair enough, if you don’t think minorities should get preferential treatment then in the eyes of the left you’re a bigot.

Any time someone pulls the racism card I like to play the switch game. Switch one phrase to white and see if it sounds racist.

"a city public-works program that required applicants for contracts to engage in special "outreach" efforts to contact white subcontractors - not on a colorblind basis, but targeting whites."

Yep, sounds racist.

According to the left;
As a state supreme court justice, Brown has issued only one opinion dealing with abortion, but it raises serious concerns about her judicial philosophy concerning women's constitutional right to privacy and reproductive freedom.

I still can't find that damn right to privacy or the right to reproductive freedom in the Constitution, but I digress.
"she argued that the court majority's decision ruling unconstitutional a parental consent law for minors seeking abortions would "dismiss societal values" and would allow courts to "become final arbiters of traditional morality."

This isn't even an abortion argument, it's a parental right's argument. Ok, lets do the switch thing again. It's OK for kids to have abortions without parental consent but it would be wrong for a kid to purchase a gun without parental consent.

According to Ted “where’s my car?” Kennedy
Brown told an audience that people of faith were embroiled in a “war” against secular humanists who threatened to divorce America from its religious roots.

Tell me that's not right!

California Supreme Court Justice Janice Rogers Brown was first nominated to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in July 2003. The D.C. Circuit is thought of as second only to the Supreme Court in influence over law and policy in this country. A sharecropper's daughter in the segregated South Ms. Brown has come a long way. She deserves a vote in the senate, not based on whether she is too conservative or too liberal but whether she is qualified. But it won't happen because the Democrats will filibuster. It's time to go nuclear.

Senator Barbara Boxer was for the filibuster before she was against it.
as someone who once wanted to end the filibuster myself at an early stage, I really now understand how foolish I was at that point.

Why did I want to end it When I first came here as a freshman? Because we had the majority and the Republicans were thwarting us

Other Boxer quotes.
Mr. President, I am very glad that we are moving forward with judges today. We all hear, as we are growing up, that, ‘Justice delayed is justice denied,’ and we have, in many of our courts, vacancies that have gone on for a year, 2 years, and in many cases it is getting to the crisis level. So I am pleased that we will be voting. I think, whether the delays are on the Republican side or the Democratic side, let these names come up, let us have debate, let us vote. Congressional Record, January 28, 1998

I make an appeal: If we vote to indefinitely postpone a vote on these two nominees or one of these two nominees, that is denying them an up-or-down vote. That would be such a twisting of what cloture really means in these cases. I make an appeal: If we vote to indefinitely postpone a vote on these two nominees or one of these two nominees, that is denying them an up-or-down vote. That would be such a twisting of what cloture really means in these cases.

it is the full Senate which is to give advice and consent. That process has been defeated by merely a threat of a filibuster. And of course, the filibuster can only be "closed" — or brought to a cloture vote — by a two-thirds vote. That, implicitly, does two things: It changes the constitutional requirements for the approval of judges, and by virtue of the fact that these internal rules cannot be changed except by an even greater vote — a two-thirds vote — it makes it impossible for a newly composed Senate to exercise their representational responsibilities.

The short and the long of it is, it's the American people who have been deprived of their abilities to express their will, by this misbehavior of the Senate. We have selected a president, and we have selected the members of the Senate with our votes, but the majority will has not been allowed to be heard because a minority, in essence, is holding the process hostage.

I agree wholeheartedly with Senator Boxer. It's going to snow.


BobG said...

Barbara Boxer, talking out of both sides of her mouth. What were the odds?

Rancher said...


If we go nuclear and the Democrats come back into power will she try and get the old rules back? Will hell freeze over?

John Brown said...

Part of me gets very irritated at the hypocrisy, but another part of me enjoys the show so much. It is like watching a Jim Carrey comedy except the humor is not on purpose.

They would have gone nuclear faster than you could say wha...

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